Day of Surgery

Please bring the following:

  • Insurance card and facility copay or due amount toward surgery
  • Hearing aides / Eye glasses with case / Denture container
  • Inhalers/ Insulin/ C-PAP Machine if portable
  • Heart medications in its original prescription bottle
  • Any special equipment i.e. lumbar or cervical brace, crutches/walker.
*You MUST arrange for a ride home with a responsible adult and arrange for someone to stay with you for at least 24 hours to help with your post-operative care.*

Don’t forget to…

  • Take a shower using Hibiclens for 4 days consecutively and on the morning of surgery. You can pick up Hibiclens from any pharmacy. Apply to the area of the surgery.
  • DON’T shave your surgical area, shaving increases risk of infection (nurse will notify you if special shaving of your head is required for certain type of surgery)
  • Please remove make-up or on arrival you will be asked to remove it
  • You can brush your teeth without drinking water
  • You will need to remove artificial nails or polish prior to surgery
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing
  • Please leave all jewelry and valuables at home
  • Remove all body piercings

After you check in at the Suite 100, what to expect…

Since you will be entering a sterile surgical room, you will be changing into a hospital gown, a surgical hat and our anti-slip socks. In the pre-op area, we will verify information including your surgical site. You will be asked several times by different people the same questions, such as the kind of procedure you are having and which side, left or right. Please understand that this is to ensure your safety. You will be speaking to the following providers: anesthesiologist, the OR nurse, and your doctor prior to surgery. Also, we will start your IV in the pre-op area if ordered.


  • Blood pressure/ heart medication
  • Acid Reflux medication (you may be asked to take Zantac the night before and 1 during the morning of your surgery with a sip of water per nurse’s instruction).
  • Anti-anxiety medication
  • Parkinson’s medication
  • Asthma medication/ inhaler